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CSFI Shares Social Media Tools for NFIP Education

CSFI has published a starter toolkit for use by CSFI members and other parties concerned about flood insurance affordability and availability.  This kit showcases general messages to garner support for NFIP’s reauthorization, in advance of the February 2nd deadline, and spread awareness of Risk Rating 2.0.  Find the toolkit linked here.

The toolkit includes four graphics, specific to social media platforms, with suggested copy:

    1. Reauthorization for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn (Vertical)
    2. Risk Rating 2.0 for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn (Vertical)
    3. Reauthorization for Twitter (Horizontal)
    4. Risk Rating 2.0 for Twitter (Horizontal)

CSFI encourages tagging (ex: @CSFIusa, @FEMA, @FinancialCmte) and hashtags (#CoalitionForSustainableFloodInsurance, #SustainableFloodInsuranceNOW) when posting.  General calls to actions are:

  1. Join @csfiusa and tell your Members of Congress today!
  2. Learn more at:

CSFI appreciates your partnership in prioritizing and promoting a sustainable flood insurance program – please post and tag us!